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Observe and engage with visitors on your website, address customer support enquiries, manage contacts, and establish a resource center to enable clients to find solutions independently.
Chat and Website Addons for Agent Solution Estate Agent Websites

Introducing the Chat Function Add-On: Elevate Your Website’s Customer Experience for Free

Stay Connected and Accessible with Tawk.to.
Ensure you stand out by providing your customers with the confidence to choose you over competitors. With our chat function add-on, make sure you present when your customers need you the most.

Unified Customer Interactions
Consolidate customer data and interactions in one centralised location, with a comprehensive view of the customer journey, making it easy to track and understand your customers’ needs.

Efficient Support and Self-Help
Empower your clients to identify common queries, create helpful articles, and set up shortcuts for quick agent responses. Equip your customers with a user-friendly help centre to address issues without direct contact.

Simple Integration
Integrated by the Agent Solution team. Help them monitor customer activity, interactions, and webpage visits in real-time.

Seamless Customer Engagement
An array of tools are available like Live Chat, Ticketing, and Knowledge Base which are accessible and responsive to your customers whenever and wherever they need assistance.

Team Collaboration and Assignment
Facilitate seamless team collaboration by easily tagging and assigning conversations to team members, ensuring timely and accurate responses. Provide insights into customer journeys to create memorable, positive experiences.

Knowledge Sharing Made Easy
Create a customisable, free Knowledge Base to share your team’s expertise internally and externally, making valuable information accessible to both your team and customers.

Smart and Contextual Conversations
Leverage the power of customer journey context, shortcuts, and Knowledge Base articles to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

Tawk.to offers a value-packed chat function add-on to your website for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I integrate the chat add-on into my website?
    It's simple! Request that this feature is added to your site when signing up and our team will manage the integration for you. Already have a site and want to add this on? Request a site update here and our team will handle this for you!
  • Is the chat add-on compatible with mobile devices?
    Yes, our chat add-on has dedicated apps for both Android and iOS, allowing you to receive notifications and chat with customers on the go.
  • Can I use the chat add-on in multiple languages?
    Absolutely! Our chat add-on supports translations in over 45 languages, making it easy to communicate with customers in your preferred language.
  • How does the real-time visitor monitoring work?
    The chat add-on allows you to track the pages your visitors are viewing in real-time, as well as their visit frequency and their entire customer journey, providing valuable insights.
  • Can I use shortcuts for quick and consistent responses?
    Yes, our chat add-on comes with an integrated Knowledge Base and handy shortcuts (pre-written messages) that help you provide quick and consistent answers to customers' queries.
  • How does the chat add-on help with team collaboration?
    The chat add-on enables you to tag and assign conversations to team members, ensuring the right person responds at the right time, resulting in an efficient and personalized customer experience.
  • Is it possible to customize the Knowledge Base?
    Yes, you can create a customizable and free Knowledge Base to share your team's expertise internally and externally, making valuable information accessible to both your team and customers.
  • Do you offer training on how to use Tawk.to?
    While we do not directly provide training for Tawk.to, their website features a comprehensive help center that offers valuable resources and guidance. You can access the help center at Tawk To Help Centre to learn more about using Tawk.to effectively.

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